The South & South East in Bloom campaign is the largest horticultural campaign in the region involving 100’s of communities each year.

Participating communities create lasting improvements to their local environment for the benefit of those that live, work and visit.

Parish in Bloom was created by the organisers to recognise and encourage the work done in Parishes. The Walmer Parish Council Bloom committee decided to take up the challenge once again to showcase Walmer.

The assessment took place in July, when the judges consider not only the visual aspects of the flower beds and baskets but want to see sustainable management of land and the environment.

On 13th September Cllr Sue Le Chevalier, chairman of Walmer in Bloom and two fellow committee members, Cllrs Amy Herring and David Thompson attended the AmEx Stadium, Brighton and were delighted to receive a Silver Gilt Award once again.

Mr Paul Verrall’s feedback, from this year’s South & South East Parish in bloom judge, summed up in Walmer Parish Councils areas of achievement this year stating “The Parish has set up a front garden floral assessment scheme for Walmer in Bloom. It is a real testament to the Council commitment to be inclusive to all the residents. The award certificate with the picture drawn by a local schoolchild is a really lovely touch to include young people and increases the involvement of another section of residents. Throughout the judging tour there was real evidence of community involvement with watering of the tubs for instance at Upper Walmer and the clearance of an eyesore front garden by members of the local community there. I was shown cycling posts just arrived in the parish office and awaiting installation to help promote cycling in the parish and thereby reduce car usage and promote healthier lifestyles.”

Cllr S Le Chevalier chairman for Walmer in bloom was overjoyed with the Parish’s achievement this year and would like to thank all the residents, committee members, local businesses and Walmer in Blooms approved contractor, Chapmans landscape & garden Services, Simon Chapman.

A special mention goes out to Charlotte of Pineham Nursery, who provided this year’s stunning display of 48 hanging baskets.