The area immediately south of Walmer Castle was purchased from the Leith Estate in 1999 to ensure that it was maintained as an open space for the benefit of people and wildlife. The land is managed by a working group comprised of Councillors and local residents with advice from environmental specialists when required.

This area of chalk grassland is of national importance for wildlife, particularly wild flowers and butterflies. The last sixty years has seen the loss of around 80% of the chalk grassland in Britain and although Hawkshill is a relatively small site it represents 0.2% of this remaining type of vegetation in Kent.

The land is registered as common land and has had an interesting and varied history. You can find out more about the site from the interpretation boards, which have been erected on the site.

Butterfly Monitoring Scheme 2019

Butterfly Monitoring Scheme 2018

Hawkshill Common Floral Survey 2017 – Please click here for the survey.


      Please click here to see pictures of flowers found during survey.

Hawkshill Consultation The public consultation ran from 1 January 2016 until 31 March 2016 – Plans to Regenerate Woodland at Hawkshill Freedown.  Please click here to read full report.

You can also download the latest newsletter which gives details of forthcoming events and activities as well as information about the history of the Walmer Aerodrome Memorial and the flora and fauna of the common.

Click here for the Hawkshill Freedown, Conservation Project Information booklet, September 2015

Click here for the Hawkshill Butterfly and Floral Survey 2015, by Eddie Turner

Click here for the Hawkshill Management Plan 2014

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Click Here for the Floral Survey of Hawkshill Common 2013, by Eddie Turner

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