HAWKSHILL FREEDOWN – Conservation Project

Conservation Volunteers Needed – HAWKSHILL FREEDOWN, WALMER – The land immediately south of Walmer Castle is managed by a working group comprised of Councillors and local residents with advice from environmental specialists when required.
This area of chalk grassland is of national importance for wildlife, particularly wild flowers and butterflies. The last sixty years has seen the loss of around 80% of the chalk grassland in Britain and although Hawkshill is a relatively small site it represents 0.2% of this remaining type of vegetation in Kent. A Registered Common, the land is used and loved by local residents, dog walkers and ramblers. Come along and join like-minded volunteers once a month to ensure this precious grassland is preserved for the enjoyment of all.

For further details – please contact Walmer Parish Council – 01304 362363



Walmer Parish Council has always supported the work of its councillors and volunteers in their efforts to maintain the registered common it owns known as Hawkshill Freedown.  Over the years it has commissioned reports from an expert to ensure councillors’ and volunteers’ efforts were directed in the best possible way by constant reference to updated reports.

The reports consistently make the recommendation that the most precious area known as compartment 2, the woodland to the north of the car park on Liverpool Road be eventually returned to open, accessible land.

The Parish Council is now in a position to consider implementation of these recommendations in order to regenerate the area.  Once the necessary permissions have been granted, the first step will be to coppice and pollard a large number of self-seeded ash, holly and sycamore trees.  This will allow chalk loving plants to flourish.  Paths will be laid and hedging will provide a nature barrier to the road.  It is hoped that with proper management and the installation of some picnic benches and information boards this area will become a popular new amenity for Walmer.