Council Tax Scam Warning

FROM DOVER DISTRICT COUNCIL Council Tax scams We have been advised of some recent Council Tax scams. New Phone scam February 2016 Residents have been receiving fraudulent calls where they are told that they are entitled to a Council Tax refund and being asked for their card number to receive the refund. The caller knows […]

How do I report incidents of Crime or Anti-social Behaviour?

The Parish Council would like to urge residents to report all incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour to the police. Please don’t assume that someone else will do it. Even where it appears unlikely that the police will be able to do anything they do need to have a record of all incidents so that they […]

How do I get someone to clean my street?

  The Council carries out sweeping and inspections of all areas on a regular basis. In between inspections, if any area falls below the required standard it will be cleaned to the standards set by the Environment Protection Act 1990. For details of the standards expected and general information the Tidy Britain Group have produced […]

How do I report an incident of fly tipping?

  The Kent County Council 'Clean Kent' Campaign has provided the following information regarding flytipping:- Flytipping is the common term used to describe waste illegally deposited on land as described under section 33 of the Environment Protection Act 1990. Local and central government narrow this term down to represent any waste dumped that is too large to […]

What do I do about reporting dog fouling?

  Under the Dogs Fouling of Land Act (1996) it is an offence to allow your dog to foul the footpath or highway. Dog Wardens can issue an owner or person in charge of a dog a fixed penalty ticket (£50 fine). Failure to pay fines can incur a further penalty of up to £1,000. Report […]

Is it illegal to have a bonfire?

  It is a common misconception that there are specific byelaws that prohibit garden bonfires or specify times they can be lit  – there aren't. Very occasionally a bonfire is the best practicable way to dispose of garden waste that cannot be composted – such as diseased plant material or tough woody waste. If only […]

Where can I find out about recycling and waste collections?

  The Dover District Council Website provides valuable information on  Recycling, Refuse Collection, Green Waste Collections, Black Box Collections, Bulky Waste Collections and all other waste related matters. To find out more go to–Waste/Home.aspx or call the Waste line on 01304 872428

How do I get the graffiti on my wall removed?

  Graffiti is an unwelcome blight on any area and makes us all feel that our local environment has been spoiled needlessly.In the past private householders unfortunate enough to have their walls defaced have been responsible for removing it themselves and their success in doing so has relied on finding the right solvent to do […]

How do I report a street light not working ?

  Responsibility for street lighting rests with Kent Highways It is very important when reporting lights which are not working to be very specific about their location.   Most lampposts carry a distinctive three letter reference followed by a number e.g. CDK 019. Where posts have no reference give a house number and road name.   If you […]

FAQ Re: Trees

  Dover District Council – Trees – FAQ   In some circumstances where residential hedging is narrowing the access for residents pushing buggies or wheelchairs Kent Highways Department have the right to make a request to householders to cut their hedging back but will not do so during the time when birds may be nesting. […]