2005 – 2012 Amenity and Environment Committee Minutes


The work of the Amenity & Environment Committee  embraces some of  the areas of land currently owned by the Parish Council, namely the  land at the end of York & Albany Close, and the Campbell Road allotments. In addition, it looks at other environmental issues such as footpaths, tree planting and waste and litter management.

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The Drill Field
The playing fields, which are located between Canada Road and Cornwall Road, are now managed on a long-term lease by the Deal Wanderers Sports and Social Club. The club has continued to flourish at this site and the playing fields and hard play area are well used. The club has planning permission to erect a new sports pavilion and is in the process of raising the necessary funds.


Campbell Road Allotments
The Parish Council has one site in Campbell Road with 27 plots.  All are full and there is curently a very long waiting list.  The turnover of plots has rarely been more than two or three a year in recent years.  Applicants must live in Walmer to qualify – click here for application form


Water awareness and the allotments
During the summer of 2006 a review was undertaken of effective ways of harvesting rainwater on the allotment site in Campbell Road.  The Parish Council agreed to offer a £30 discount on allotment fees for tenants who were prepared to install guttering on their sheds to catch the available rainwater.  A significant number have carried out this work and are benefitting from having water on their plot rather than carrying it from the taps elsewhere on site.  The hope is that eventually the site could be fully sustainable without reliance on an external water source.